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Cast Iron

Stainless steel



Jinzita Metalworks provides a comprehensive range of pre-assembled railing systems made from aluminum, steel, and glass, suitable for use in residential and commercial settings. These railing systems come in two main styles: Standard and Traditional, offering various infill options like Picket, Cable, Glass, and Privacy designs. Additionally, deck lighting and a selection of rail accessories are offered. Each railing system is tailored to fit your unique project requirements, ensuring a straightforward assembly using simple screw and snap-together mechanisms.


Picket Railing

  1. Specification

Pickets – 16mm /38mm /50mm;

Height – 36″ / 42″ / 48″/ 72″ or custom;

Popular colors – Black / Grey / Cream / White / Brown

  1. Description: Enhance your porch or deck with our picket railing system, combining classic aesthetics with modern, hassle-free design. Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and hello to timeless style and durability. Crafted from top-quality aluminum and stainless steel, these picket railings promise a lifetime of both functionality and elegance.


These railing systems are engineered for longevity, ensuring they stand the test of time without the need for constant upkeep. With their all-aluminum and stainless steel construction, they offer unparalleled resilience against the elements, allowing you to spend more leisure time enjoying your outdoor spaces rather than worrying about repairs and maintenance.


You can choose from two distinct post configurations and two mounting styles—ideal for both deck and fascia applications. Elevate your property with a picket railing system that embodies both enduring charm and practicality.


Glass railing

Aluminium glass railing system;

Glass – 7-12mm temper / euro grey / frosted glass;

Height – 36″/ 42″/ 48″/72″ or custom;

Popular colors – Black / Grey / Cream / White / Brown


No longer do homeowners have to sacrifice scenery for safety. Glass railings allow a full panoramic view from your deck or porch while providing desired safety and security. Glass railings add polish and a finishing touch to your outdoor space without comprising scenic beauty. Glass railings also provide increased visibility – especially while sitting or lying down. Doubling also as a wind breaker, glass railing systems are among the strongest and safest on the market.


Cable Railings

For homeowners seeking a contemporary touch, cable railings offer a minimalist and sophisticated design that embodies the essence of modernity. These railings provide the necessary safety and structure of a traditional system while affording an unobstructed view of your home’s surroundings. Whether it’s revamping an older porch or deck or adding a sleek finishing touch to a new project, cable railings seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.


Embracing maintenance-free living, cable railings ensure additional safety for your outdoor spaces. Constructed with aluminum posts and stainless steel cables, these railings demand no painting or waterproofing, guaranteeing a lifetime of use without hassle. With four available post/rail configurations, their pre-fabricated nature for each specific deck facilitates swift and trouble-free installation.




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