Pool Fence

A pool fence is a barrier specifically designed for encircling swimming pools, serving as a passive deterrent to limit the access of young children to the pool area. 

swimming pool fence is a type of fence placed around swimming pools, to create a passive barrier to restrict the access of small children to the swimming pool. Swimming pool fences must have a self-closing and self-latching gate/s to be compliant with most countries’ laws and codes.

We have outlined the guidelines below so that you will understand which type of fences work best for pools. Remember to always check your local codes for the exact specifications that will apply to your project.


Your fence should be at least 48″ above the ground (some codes may require it to be 60″). It is recommended that you eliminate top and bottom rails but there are guidelines for horizontal rails along with vertical boards or pickets.

Bottom Clearance

Clearance at the bottom of your fence should not exceed 4″ above the ground. If the fence will rest on a non-solid surface like grass or gravel, the clearance should not exceed 2 inches.

Space between Vertical Boards

The spacing between the vertical boards or pickets should be less than 4″.

Pool Gate

Your fence should include a self-closing and self-locking gate that opens outward from the pool. There are also guidelines for the placement of self-latching devices to prevent a child from reaching over or through the opening to release the lock.

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