Laser Cut Screen

In today’s modern age any residential house or commercial unit can be easily given its own unique look with our pre size and highly customizable metal decorative panels. From your work space to the interior or exterior of your home we can help you achieve the look you want.

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of high-quality laser cut screens and laser cut panels for the architecture and interior design industries.

JINZITA’S range of Laser Cut Decorative Screens will

bring style and modern luxury to any space. Whether

it’s a commercial or domestic project, JINZITA have a

decorative screen design to suit any solution.

Our screens are available in a range of 2 exciting materials & fifinish options, including

Weathered Steel (Corten) and Powder Coated Aluminum.

NOTE: Most designs can be customised to different screen sizes and shapes and can

be fabricated to allow for various fifixing requirements.

Decorative Laser Cut Privacy Screens & Decorative Panels

Our Laser cut screens can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications. For outdoor panels we recommend using weathered steel panels, also known as COR-TEN steel panels. These metal panels have an increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion when compared to other steels. Our powder coated aluminum panels also function well as outdoor panels and can be finished in any color.

These panels can be used as an outdoor privacy screen. The decorative screens function great as a patio privacy screen and will add a unique architectural accent to any patio or deck. Decorative panels can also be used to conceal unsightly units, systems or structures. 

For indoor use, our decorative screen panels can be laser cut from aluminum and powder coated to any color you choose. They can be installed as a decorative room divider, or to provide a special accent to any interior space.

Contact us with your own custom applications and the panels will be fabricated to your exact specifications and needs.

Available Patterns

Panels can be laser cut in any of the following patterns, or create a design of your own. Contact us for a quote on your custom project.

laser cut screen products
laser cut screen products
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