Aluminum Slat Fence

Slat fencing appears unique and simple, it has excellent appeal. In addition, it’s pretty innovative, especially the aluminum design. This horizontal slat material is practical and easy to install.

All our slat fences can use either horizontal or vertical slats. We also customise the spacing between the slats.With aluminum, you can freely choose the color of the horizontal fence.

Slat fencing is also a popular choice for inlays for brick fences. It is a modern and stylish form of fencing that comes with clean lines and a sharp finish. It is often used for privacy.  This includes privacy from neighbours on decks and patios in your backyard.

Our aluminum slat fences and gates are manufactured from structural grade alloy making it strong and long-lasting.

Be the envy of your neighbors with a fence that:

slat fence 4

Looks great with a contemporary linear design

slat fence 5

Does not twist, rust, rot or warp

slat fence 6

Requires minimal maintenance with no repair work necessary

slat fence 7

Is private, safe, and secure

slat fence 8

Adds real $ value to your home

Control Your Fence Privacy

 Aluminum slat fence panels provide privacy without fully cutting off air. Our standard fence panel, 8’ long by 6’ high and a 3/8” (.35”) spacing between each aluminum horizontal slat. The 3/8” spacing does not provide a toe hold for climbing, making the fence fully secure. The spacing provides air flow and light, while still very private.

Our gates use the same innovative technology as our post and side frame slat fencing system making the gates easily width or height adjustable.

 No matter the slat aluminum fence panels or gates, they can be easily adjusted to meet any height or width.

Easy to Install Yourself or by a Fence Contractor

The Aluminum slat fence panels are very easy to install with post and frame system to suit many different aluminum fence installations.

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